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5th – 13th May, 2018 Yerevan

– To develop skills in planning of a training activity and mainstreaming diversity in project management stages, from planning to evaluation;

– To learn about diversity challenges and issues in the Eastern Europe and Caucasus and meet relevant stakeholders;

– To discuss how the European Youth Work can reinforce equality and ensure that diverse groups of people get equal treatment during trainings or in other educational settings.

– To evaluate the individual learning process of the participants and have a look on the process of their self-empowerment and self-efficiency in dealing with diversity and inclusion;

– To evaluate and reflect on the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the participants gained within LTTC; – To evaluate Local Activities in Participating countries and present the project implemented through a dissemination event;

– To exchange best practices in relation to youth work and strengthen cooperation between 14 organizations based in the EU and non-EU countries;

– To exchange methods and develop new practices and projects on diversity and inclusion within the Erasmus+;

To facilitate networking between participants and develop new projects dealing with diversity and inclusion. TRAVEL COSTS max 360€ will be reimbursed May 5th – arrival, May 13th – departure

Za sve dodatne informacije možete pisati na mejl mirjanav2004@gmail.com

Takođe, glavna i odgovorna urednika našeg portala je bila prošle godine u Jermeniji na projektu, a njeno iskustvo možete pročitati na sledećem linku: http://www.youthnow.rs/fempower-in-yerevan-armenia/

Naslovna fotografija: https://www.isabellewinkler.com/jerevan/