We are all united | Erasmus+ project in Durres, Albania


Everything started on the 14th of April in Durres(Albania). I participated in the seminar “ Power of Multimedia-Bridges of Diversity”. Every time I participate in these kind of Erasmus projects my experience surpasses every expectation … Different people-different places Different topics-different activities.

This is the program where the days passed so fast because there was always something interesting to do and learn! We dealt mainly with the diversity of each culture and how much this diversity s tolerant in every country.

Flags – we are all united 🙂

Each country made a presentation of this situation and then we began to think that we have  many similarities and differences too, in our traditions, in our religions, in our customs and in our way of thinking generally.

Presentation of Greece

We talked about what we would like to change in our society … some solutions that may could exist in order not to perpetuate racism, stereotypes etc.


 We worked mainly in many divided groups – we took pictures, we created video and we painted! 🙂

24 participants from 8 different countries have been able to create a group … a small society … without borders … with no racism … we may had different backgrounds but we respected and accepted each other’s personality !!!

We hope through our work and creations to be able to inspire people that we do not need any labels and no characterization … we are UNITED … we are all EQUAL… we are all ONE!

Text and pictures by Fay Eosef