Last Saturday night, we got a chance to be introduced to a group of four young people, who climbed the stage, captured the hearts of almost all the 40+ million people who were watching and won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

The four beautiful people are a band called Måneskin and ever since we heard them for the first time, we became completely obsessed with them.

Having their band name inspired by the Danish word for “moonlight”, Måneskin began their journey in high school, when they attended a couple of music contests which became a turning point in their careers for writing their own music. Later on, they continued performing as buskers in the streets of Rome.

Their breakthrough happened after ending up in second place in the eleventh season of the Italian talent show X Factor. On October 26, 2018, they released their first album “Il ballo della vita”. Their song “Le parole lontane” was also certified platinum.

Their winning performance of their song “Zitti e buoni” in Eurovision Song Contest 2021 made us fall in love with all the members of the band, especially with the lead singer Damiano David, who blew us away with his phenomenal voice while completely owning his appearance while wearing make-up and heels.

As soon as the finale of Eurovision was over, Damiano and Måneskin became viral. The entire Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook were flooded with songs of Måneskin and countless pictures and videos of Damiano. For almost a week, the Internet has been simping over Damiano’s appearance, while the winner song “Zitti e buoni” has surpassed over 47 million streams in just a couple of days.


Despite the Internet going nuts for Damiano, there are many who criticized the appearance and the behavior of the singer. Balkan men especially felt threatened by him.

“Can anybody explain to me how you girls can like this Italian guy? Instead of liking nice and normal guys, you go crazy about men who wear make-up and heels, who kiss other guys, who are everything that’s wrong about this world?” – cried one of the many oppressed Balkan boys on TikTok.

Here is the explanation why, and it’s very simple – self-confidence.

Damiano and the entire group said “I don’t care what anybody else thinks” and they just went on with it. Damiano has openly stated that he is heterosexual (but curious), yet he still wore make-up and heels and kissed a male bandmate on stage because he is confident in his manliness and his sexuality and hence he does not let any norms define or constrain him. He knows that his manhood is not damaged if he cries in happy moments in his life as in, for example, winning Eurovision, neither is it ruined if he hugs his best friends and tells them that they are beautiful.

In 5 minutes on television, Damiano completely shattered the bell jar of toxic masculinity and proved that judgement and steroids aren’t the things that make girls want you – self-confidence, no matter what, is. He keeps doing so on his Instagram, while wearing skirts and leather.

Dear boys, you do not have to smooch your guy friends or wear skirts like Damiano (unless you really want to), but you do need to learn that bigotry is not sexy. If men wearing make-up make you feel uncomfortable, it is a state where you need to begin questioning yourself why you feel this way. “Kids are watching and they are going to become like that one day” is not the right answer, because we see kids watching their parents fight every day, their dads abusing their mothers and yelling at their sons for showing any kind of emotion and not being “man enough”.

We are all striving to become the best and the purest versions of ourselves while breaking the norms. That’s not something that you should feel threatened about, yet something that you should embrace, because we are all rooting for you to become your unique self and to always show empathy and feelings. That is the first step in gaining true self-confidence and that is when you become as attractive as Damiano is – no matter if you spend the majority of your day lifting in the gym or if you are a metalhead confident in his slim body.


Full name: Damiano David

Date of birth: January 8, 1999 – he shares the birthday with Elvis Presley and David Bowie

Place of birth: Rome, Italy

Height: 180cm

Weight: 75kg

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color: Brown

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: Mixed

Natal chart placements:
Capricorn Sun
Libra Moon
Capricorn Mercury
Aquarius Venus
Libra Mars

Sexual orientation: per his statement – heterosexual but curious

Relationship status: (unfortunately for all the girls of the world) Taken, as of recently, Engaged to his girlfriend of 4 years Giorgia Soleri

Damiano’s girlfriend Giorgia Soleri

Interesting facts:

He is an avid smoker.

His favorite instrument is violin.

He likes horse riding in his free time.

He always keeps his hair long.

Prepared and written by: Jovana Filipović

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Image sources: | Vyacheslav Prokofyev/dpa/picture alliance | ig: @ykaaar