Help Karolina beat the cancer!


Karolina is only 29 years and a mother of a son – and she needs our help! She suffers from a really rare type of cancer, small intestine tumour (malignant).

The whole treatment is very expensive and the doctors in Poland don’t have any specialised skills for this kind of tumour. First part of treatment was in hospital in Warszava, but that was with no improvement. Tumour didn’t react to the use of drugs. Unfortunately, the growth of the tumour is going rapidly and cancer spreads all over abdomen. The only obstacle here is the lack of money! Wait lists are too long, the costs of travelling are too big, not to mention drugs which are very expensive.

For all that reasons we have to do everything which is our power to help Karolina get her life back!

For the beginning, the smile on her face will give her hope and strength to fight more! No matter where you live, send her the postcard with this message, which can be in Polish or in your native language:

Karolina , jestesmy z Toba . Bedzie dobrze!” / Karolina, we are with You. Everything is gonna be alright

Here is her address :

Karolina Pastwa
83-110 Tczew
Aleja Zwycięstwa Street

If you can help financially, this is the way how payments can be send:

PL 07 1140 2004 0000 3502 7668 3083


KRS: 0000635502     NIP: 5932605135

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