Poziv na trening u Rumuniji (31. oktobar- 6. novembar 2016.)


TC ‘Take a stand! – Land a hand!’’

 31 October- 6 November 2016

Craiova, Romania

 The project aims to bring together youth workers from 11 countries (Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, England) in order to find practical and sustainable solutions to stop the phenomenon of bullying. In an European context, as well as in a national context, bullying occurs in increasingly atrocious ways, such as: street fights, bombings, insults, harassment, cyber bullying. The project will be one with a great impact for the 33 participants, because they will have the opportunity to work at an European level by interacting with concrete life situations through thematic visits to accredited institutions in order to fight against bullying. Statistics show that a total of 3417 students in Poland and 5626 in Lithuania were surveyed; showing that 30.1% adolescents in Poland and 52.3% in Lithuania have reported being a victim. Bullying being associated with poor subjective health and low life satisfaction.

Specific objectives:

 create resources for youth workers, in order to help young people who have been bullied adapt and reflect on their own and others behavior through videos and testimonials; provide useful information by organizing workshops;

 exchange experiences and best practices concerning youth activities that promote the integration of the young people that suffered from being bullied ;

 familiarize the participants with different tools and methods of non-formal education for young people that face social adjustment problems;

 personal and professional development;

 promote the intercultural dialogue;

 Create and develop new projects and partnerships with the main theme being the inclusion and social integration of young victims of bullying in Romania and Europe;

 familiarize the participants with the Erasmus + Programme, raise awareness concerning harassed persons in all life sectors;

 fight against stereotypes, prejudices and discriminations; promote tolerance on a large scale including among disabled persons, as well as to, promote human dignity and respect.


The profile of the participants

Participants should be young leaders or youth workers. There is no age limit, but participants should be over 18.

The profile of the participants must correspond with the profile of an experienced youth worker that previously encountered victims of bullying, youth workers that are actively involved in the civil society and the NGO environment. They must have been engaged, in the past year, in at least one activity concerning fighting against all forms of harassment on others.

Ukoliko ste zainteresovani da učestvujete na projektu posaljite prijave do 20. septembra 2016. godine na mejl naznačen u aplikacionom formularu. Učesnici koji nisu platili članarinu  za 2016. godinu u iznosu od 2500 RSD pre polaska na trening moraće da uplate.

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